Mr. Lluís Vila Prat
CEO Founder

The evolution of the economy and its globalisation has meant that traditional markets become smaller with increasing supply of products and suppliers, both domestic and imported , reaching an over offer.

The solution is look for new markets. First markets nearby , neighboring countries , and as the markets were collapsing should go further.

Currently mature markets already have a saturation level of products that makes it necessary to resort to emerging and developing countries.

These markets have several characteristics . In the case of emerging countries is beginning to notice some saturation. These countries tend to have a longer own soul and become globalize itself . An example are the Arab countries of the Middle East .

Developing countries have many opportunities for all business that is patient , understands and adapts to the situation, pace and characteristics of these markets . These markets are the future and who comes first will have many more opportunities than those who do not join the bandwagon of fashion and disembark when the markets begin to be ripe .

In addition, the current economic crisis means that companies that want to maximize their production lines are interested in these markets.

But access to new markets , and a distant idiosyncrasy own resources requires effort , time and money , often , it is offset by the results . For a company that is engaged in producing and selling highly specialised products, find the right partner becomes almost a mission impossible .

That’s why PROSPECTIA OVERSEAS CONSULTING offers its services . Because we found that there is a real need to outsource the business development of this new markets to a specialised company, as it is ours .

The service we provide to our customers is Highly Personalised Consulting , we advise how and what products can succeed in the chosen market , we select distributors and local partners to carry out their business, give advice and help to legalize and register their products and support in the supply chain. 

We believe in the work ethic, team effort and mutual goals.  We know you want to do everything possible to be successful.  So do we.  It takes confidence in yourself and go dose of courage.

We stand with you.